Pallet racking inspection and training services

Adjustable pallet racking inspections


Damages can occur to the front columns at ground level. The columns are critical components and support the weight of the stored loads. 

Drive in pallet racking inspections


Damages can occur to the columns and pallet support rails at ground level and above ground locations.  

Industrial shelving unit inspections


Industrial shelving units can be damaged by people using the bottom shelf as a step. Overloading of the top shelves can cause the shelving to lean.

Pallet racking inspection training


I deliver pallet racking safety awareness and inspection training. This training enables employees to carry out pallet rack inspections to identify any damages.

SEMA approved racking inspector


I am a SEMA approved racking inspector with logistics experience. SEMA is the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association

Pallet racking inspection reports


I carry out planned and short notice pallet rack and industrial shelving inspections at competitive prices.  

Pallet racking Inspection requirements

The importance of the safety of your racking systems and warehouse operation

Pallet racking should not be regarded as dead money. 

All pallet racking systems and industrial shelving systems are classified as work equipment. 

As such they must be regularly inspected to ensure the storage equipment is in a safe condition. 

This is a legal duty of care.

If a rack does collapse, it is likely that somebody will be hurt, or worse.  

Annual inspections, and inspections between the annual inspections


Pallet racking  should be inspected at least annually by a competent person, such as a SEMA approved racking inspector, and should also be inspected by trained employees between the annual inspections.

Free no obligation site visits

I offer free no obligation site visits to discuss your pallet racking inspections and rack inspection training requirements, subject to location.