Pallet rack inspection training

Who should attend the training?

Your fork lift operators and warehouse personnel are in the best position to see any damage to your racking.  Personnel who manage or supervise your warehouse operation should also attend the pallet rack inspection training. The training takes one day and is delivered by a SEMA approved racking inspector.

Course contents

  • Introduction to rack safety and the important need to carry out rack inspections
  • The different types of inspections
  • Responsibilities
  • How to classify damage using SEMA damage levels
  • Other items to check
  • Examples of damage and safety issues
  • How to carry out the inspection and complete an inspection checklist
  • Action to be taken for serious incidents
  • Inspection of a section of racking for instructional purposes only.

Each candidate will receive a course booklet to keep and a certificate of training.

Learn more about on site pallet rack inspection training

 The training will enable your employees to inspect your racking at frequent intervals between the annual inspections. It does not remove the need for annual inspections by a competent person. 

The trained employees will be able to identify any damages which need urgent attention and put corrective actions in place.

By carrying out the pallet racking safety inspections you will be complying with health and safety legislation.

See HSG 76 Warehousing and storage: A guide to health and safety. 

Free no obligation site visits

I offer free no obligation site visits to discuss your pallet rack inspection training requirements, subject to location.