Environmental management services

Environmental policies and documents

The policy is a key element of an environmental management system EMS. 

I write bespoke environmental management policies and other environmental documents, e.g. spillage procedures.

Environmental management systems EMS

An environmental management system or EMS is a structured system to allow a business to manage their impact on the environment and to comply with environmental legislation.

I write bespoke environmental management systems and provide environmental management services. 

ISO14001:2015 Environmental management systems

I can write a bespoke environmental management system EMS to ISO:14001 standard and carry out environmental training. I can then work with you from the start of the certification process until your EMS  becomes certified.

Environmental permits

An environmental permit is required for certain processes, for example a large chicken farm, or a solvent emission activity – releasing organic solvents directly or indirectly into the air.

Click this link to the Gov site to see if you need an environmental permit

Discharge consents

A Discharge Consent is required from the sewerage undertaker before any  potentially polluting liquids are discharged into a site foul water drainage system. 

A typical example would be the run off from a compressor.


Spillage training

I carry out on site spillage training, the training will show people how to use a spill kit and raise their awareness of water pollution.

Any water contamination events resulting from a spillage entering a site drainage system and then into controlled waters will result in large fines and remediation costs.

Free no obligation site visits

I offer free no obligation site visits to discuss your requirements, subject to location.